Flag of IsraelThe Israeli Knesset Internal Affairs Committee recently approved the new E-2 visa regulations thereby allowing Israeli entrepreneurs to file for and obtain E-2 visas in the United States.  Until now, Israeli citizens were not eligible for the E-2 visa.  This is a tremendous step forward for Israeli investors looking to pursue startups in the United States, especially tech-startups.

The start-date for filing E-2 applications for Israeli citizens has not yet been finalized until mutually agreed upon between the U.S. Embassy and the Israeli Government. Israel is widely recognized as a leader in the emerging tech and medical startup spaces, often targeting the US market.  The availability of the E-2 visa to Israeli entrepreneurs in emerging tech will lead to enormous opportunities for Israeli investors and U.S. citizens alike.  We will keep you informed of the official start-date for filing E-2 Israeli Investor applications.  The approved regulations also provide reciprocal means for U.S. citizens wanting to start a new business in Israel through the B-5 visa category.