With the holiday season in full swing, and with the President’s recent announcement of the Immigration Accountability Executive Action (IAEA), it’s a time of anticipation and optimism for many.  It’s also a time to be extra cautious.  The IAEA brings not only hope for potential for many, but also an opportunity for those who are unscrupulous to take advantage of unwitting victims. 

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) recently updated its public service announcements to help inform the public about notarios and other unauthorized consultants offering promises and advice that is fraudulent.  The fact is that the IAEA will not benefit everyone and filings are not currently being accepted under any part of the IAEA’s framework.  The full details regarding implementation of the IAEA have not yet been released.  Further, the IAEA is being vigorously challenged, causing uncertainty, at minimum with regard to timing. 

For more information, check out the AILA website (www.aila.org) and www.stopnotariofraud.org

Have a safe and happy holiday.


Ms. Wadhwani is a partner in the Immigration Practice at Fox Rothschild LLP. She may be reached at cwadhwani@foxrothschild.com.